techorama, deep knowledge IT conference
Oct 07 - 09 | 2024 Utrecht Netherlands

Techorama = Deep Knowledge IT Conference

Techorama is a yearly international technology conference which takes place at Kinepolis Utrecht, Netherlands. In 2019, we had the 2nd edition and reached 1200 attendees, a healthy mix between developers. for 2020, our target is reaching 1500 attendees. Our commitment is to create a unique conference experience with quality content and the best speaker line-up.

Techorama was organized for the first time in 2014 in Belgium and was held at Utopolis in Mechelen. Bringing top international speakers to Belgium was a big success and we managed to welcome about 500 developers. After the positive feedback from attendees, partners and speakers ... we decided to continue and make it a yearly conference in Belgium with a clear focus on quality content and a unique experience. And starting 2018, we brought the conference to the Netherlands.